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Embryo & Semen Sales

The multi award winning Goorambat Wagyu herd is available for pedigree viewing by going to the Australian Wagyu Association website at and looking up our registered herd.  Simply put GRS% in the herd ident box and this will allow full access to our herd details.  see more...


Goorambat Wagyu has a number of embryos for sale, each eligible for export to many countries throughout the world. We prefer to speak with potential buyers first, go though the criteria that they are seeking when looking for embryos, and then produce the style of breeding that best suits their breeding needs.


We currently have export qualified semen available from four of our bulls:

  • Goorambat Mr. Marble K483 (GRSFK0483)
  • Goorambat Terutani F146 (GRSFF0146)
  • Peppermill Grove D139 (PMGFD0139)
  • Goorambat N882 (GRSFN0882)

Semen for domestic use is available from four of our very exciting young bulls who show great potential:

  • Goorambat N806 (GRSFN0806)
  • Goorambat N882 (GRSFN0882)
  • Goorambat N895 (GRSFN0895)
  • Goorambat R1139 (GRSFR1139)


Mr. Marble K483 (GRSFK0483)

Goorambat Mr. Marble K483 offers an outstanding combination of genetics. A beautifully balanced pedigree with Shigeshigetani, Itoshigenami TF148 and Terutani 40/1 all featuring. “Shigeshigetani is one of the most well rounded and consistent carcass sires available” says Scott DeBruin, Mayura Station.

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GRSFN0882 is a sire that ticks all the boxes for those breeders looking for performance and the little extras that add up to the near perfect package.  This bull has all the big marbling sires in his pedigree and adds growth and EMA as well as being free from recessive genes.  But still there’s more, with an AA SCD  and a tenderness score of 7, N0882 cuts a fine picture phenotypically as well, which all adds up to GRSFN0882 being a very exciting package of perfection!

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Grsfn0882 Assessment.pdf



If you are looking for a proven depth of pedigree and actual pedigree carcase results then this is the sire.

GRSFN0895 is a son of GRSFK0483, whose first 11 carcase progeny have seen 8 * MS9 results and ranks 7th on the Mayura marbling sire list (May 19).  N895 is a large sire himself and his dam PMGFC0133 has 2 * MS9 carcases and a MS7 steer progeny.  I expect GRSFN0895 to sire good frame progeny that have excellent marbling given his proven pedigree for results.  

Free of all recessive genes.

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We are pleased to present a young bull with total strength of pedigree and performance. 

His sire, Goorambat Mr Marble K483 is one of Australia’s elite sires with excellent carcase data backing up a strong Breedplan result. 

R1139’s dam, GRSFD0061, is a full ET sister to 6 * marble score 9 steers.    To add further to that data, GRSFD0061 first two steer progeny are an MS 8 steer sired by IMUFR3258 and an MS 9 steer sired by IMUFN2461.

GRSFR1139 is beautifully bred to produce extreme quality full blood Wagyu progeny.  With growth, milk, CWT, EMA, MS and the confidence of actual carcase data in his pedigree, this bull ticks all the boxes.

Free of all recessive genes.

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Further Reading & Information

To discuss our bulls in more detail please contact us and we will be very happy to assist you with your queries. For concise information down load the attached document.


Goorambat N0882.pdf


Goorambat N0895.pdf


Goorambat R1139.pdf


Mr Marble K483 Usa.pdf


Mr Marble K483.pdf