Goorambat Wagyu


A Commitment to Wagyu

Goorambat Wagyu run a herd of “Full-blood” or 100% Wagyu cattle at Goorambat in the Benalla district of North East Victoria.  Wagyu are well renowned for their superior meat quality and high marbled beef, which is often seen in high end restaurants around the world.  see more....

The Wagyu breed consists of different strains of the breed and we have cow families representing each of these strains.

Goorambat Wagyu currently has a herd of about 350 breeding females and a number of selected bulls which provide semen for both the domestic and international markets.

Goorambat Wagyu has up to 60 full-blood females at any one time in our flushing team, producing embryos for the export market.  Our genetics have been sent all over the world and are being used as the basis of international Wagyu herds.

We are skilled at producing embryos to meet our customers requirements depending on which particular Wagyu strains each herd requires.

The Team

Goorambat Wagyu is run by Dom and Joanne Bayard. Both cattle breeders since teenagers, the foray into Wagyu came in the 1990’s for Dom with involvement in the early days of Wagyu breeding in Australia with large Wagyu breeding companies in Queensland. The Goorambat herd was established in 2004 with the purchase of 23 females from NSW and has steadily grown since then.


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