Goorambat Wagyu


100% Wagyu Genetics

The term 'Wagyu' has been loosely used over recent years where any animal with some Wagyu connection has been called Wagyu. see more....

Goorambat Wagyu believes that the term 'Wagyu' should be reserved for the original 100% genetics which are direct descendants from the original exports out of Japan.

These 100% Wagyu animals can trace their pedigrees back through the Australian Wagyu Association and these pedigrees are able to be independently authenticated through parentage verification. They are then given registration certificates.  Goorambat Wagyu register their genetics through the AWA and these pedigrees are there for all to refer too.

The 100% Wagyu has an important role to play in providing genetics for the commercial Wagyu cross breeding sector.   We have seen in Australia how the use of Wagyu sires over other breeds has an exciting effect on meat quality and it is little wonder that commercial cattle breeders want to be involved with the Wagyu name.

Goorambat Wagyu consistently runs a selected number of steers through the Australian feedlot system.  This is done to ensure that we continue to breed Wagyu that perform under the high intensity feeding program and continue to marble at high levels. 

Each of the Wagyu steers we market is individually measured in terms of carcass data and yields.  As we have complete records of each steer going through our program we are able to immediately assess the performance of the genetics being used.

We believe this gives us valuable information for the ongoing success of the breed in Australia.

Goorambat Wagyu uses a number of tools to measure the performance of our herd.  We are actively involved in the Wagyu Breedplan program.  Although Breedplan is in its infancy in terms of Wagyu specific trait measurement in Australia, we have seen how it has transformed other breeds throughout the world.


Goorambat Wagyu only keeps a select number of bulls each year.  Each of these bulls goes through a number of reviews at strategic phases of its’ development and they only remain bulls if they reach specific criteria at each critical timeline.

Information on our bulls can been downloaded from our sales page.